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IJ.Start.Cânon - Get Cânon printer setup, read online manual, recommended functions at http:// IJ.Start.Cânon. Also get answered all queries related to your printer. Just visit ij start Cânon website and click on frequently asked quetions and enter printer model.

IJ.Start.Cânon - What is on the Page?

On the welcome page of ij.start Cânon you get 4 options

  1. Set up (Start Here)
  2. Read Online Manual
  3. See Recommended Functions
  4. Requently Asked Quetions

ij.start Cânon - Set Up (Start Here)

You can setup your Cânon printer just by entering the Model number of your printer here and click on "Go" option.

If you don't know the printer model number, you can follow the process given in image.

Setup IJ Cânon

Once you type the Cânon model number at http:// IJ.Start.Cânon, you will be redirected to another page.

Where you need to click on "Start" button.

Here you get two options (1)First-time Setup. (2) Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone.

Select the required option and follow the guide.

Here you get videos for all the 7 steps

    Removing the Orange Tape
    Installing the Print Head
    Turning on the Printer
    Pouring Ink
    Loading Paper
    Printer Preparation Complete
    Connecting to a Computer (Windows)

Follow the instructions now!

Read Online manual

If you face any type of issues with Cânon printer or want to know the process of Printing, Scanning, Copying or Network, You can click on Online manual option and select your printer model to get all the answers or detailed videos related to your query.

Here you will also get Software manuals, Handling Paper, Originals, Ink Tanks, etc, Maintenance of Cânon printer related instructions.

See Recommended Functions

For complete customer support, ij start Cânon provides the section of recommended fuctions.

Here you can learn to use various scan functions, printing photos from smartphones, create scapbooks, Sign up for Cânon ID, Print Grapg paper and many more other functions very easily.

Yout just need to visit http:// IJ.Start.Cânon and select your model number, click on see recommended functions option.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Get answer of all the queries related to Network, Print, Installation or Error at IJ.Start.Cânon frequently asked questions section.

Also get answered to problems such as:

    Printer Does Not Work
    Cannot Set Correctly (Network)
    Cannot Set Correctly (Installation)
    Error or Message Appears